Political Ground Zero

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Dreams deferred
Chaos preferred
Dreams cast
Madness returned
Thanks to a world
With no clue
What it 
Exists for
We beg and beg for 
An end to violence
But day after day
See nothing
But more and more
Egged on by hatred
Brought on
By ignorance
We are in denial of
It's so fucked up
Shit is what 
We are full of
With sanity 
Found nowhere
We sit and stare
At a world
Gone beyond wrong
What the fuck happened

Political haze
Blinding our gaze
To the truth 
That surrounds
Leaving us 
Falling to our knees
Begging on the ground
For someone to
Turn it all around

Verse 2
Cruel and
Mean at heart
Always ready
To tear us all apart
Those in power
Out for us
From the start
What we see
Through online media
And the tv
Our ignorance
Is their bliss

Our madness
Their happiness
Our chaos 
Their victory
Our insanity

Their pay day
Which is all
They care about
Any way
Our life
Their game
We play
With no chance of winning
Welcome to the hell we are living


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