World Of Chaos

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

A world of chaos

Sinking into madness


To mayhem

Plaguing man


The world

All around us

But keeping

Us too blind

To care enough

To do anything

About  it

The reality 

Of society

It's killing me

As the insanity

Is screaming out of me

But nobody is listening

The world is dying

Nobody is caring

As a madness

We are all sharing

Welcome to our

Cold reality


California on fire

The president 

Being bratty and cocky

To the point of being scary

While madmen are carrying out

Mass shootings

Welcome to the world

In which we are living

Verse 2

Only caring about
"Party" lines
And the news
Fear, hatred,
As well as mistrust
To the point of 
It filling me 
With disgust
Nobody "seeing"
With their own eyes
But rather trusting 
The eyes of the blind
So lost in their own bullshit
They are drowning
And don't even know it
But god does the world
Fucking show it
I am so sick and tired
Of society
Claiming to want change
Only to turn around
And immediately blow it
We can't live like this anymore
And deep down
We all know it



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