Normal Is A Lie

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Normal is a lie
We tell ourselves
To make us feel better
Like we fit in
As we are told 

That we ought to
While we are sold
Un real 
Body images
And poor self esteems 
On the daily
It's so insane
It's killing us
From the inside out
While our true selves
As they are being
Pushed aside
Scream and shout
It's all so crazy
Welcome to reality

Normal is
As crazy does 
Perfect conformist drone
Exactly what we are 
Looking for
Shhh don't think now
We will do that for you
Welcome to hell
Yes you are officially screwed

Verse 2
Up is down
Right is left
Black is white
Doesn't sound right
And neither does
Telling people
What is normal

Or what is supposed to be normal
And yet that is
Exactly what we 
In society do
On the daily
Just adding 

And adding 
To the insanity
That everyday
We are living
Used to it

Are we
To the point
Of living numbly
If only we could see
What we truly could be


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