Society's Disease

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Normal is a disease

And we all seem

To live so blindly

We can't even see

What the very idea

Is doing to society
So many afflicted
Living in denial
I am my own truth
They all say
Which is?
I say
Whatever everyone says it is
Exactly bitch
Nothing more

Than another wannabe
The world is full of them
And I for one

Am sick of it
This shit is an epidemic
And the whole world is infected


The disease of the day
Look out
Yes watch out
It just may
Take your truth away
Don't turn your back
What's that
It's normal
Saying come and play
I'm here to stay
Looks like it's
Already too late

Verse 2
What a horrible
Degrading word
Why anyone
Would want to be normal
Is beyond me
Yet I look at society
And everyone
Trying to be normal
Is all I see

It sickens me
A true disease
An epidemic
Taking over
And we are
Just letting it happily
Thinking maybe it is
Better just to fit in
Go with the crowd
As more and more
That crowd brings us all down
Tell me society
Will hope for us ever be found



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