When Will We Get It

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

The life we live is tragic

As human progress

Stands static

And still as 

We are held

Against our will

Forever victims

Of our own madness

Drowning in sadness
We point fingers
At everyone else
But the real culprit
Un willing to take
Another day starts
Just as wrong as the last one
Day after day
Time after time
Nothing ever changes
As we bitch to each other about it
Being so clueless and stupid about it
I watch it all wondering will we ever get it


And madness
Resulting in nothing
Short of tragic
We see it
We know it
Yet do nothing about it
Because we think
Why should we
Care about it
Oh when will we get it


Verse 2
A new day
Comes crashing in
As I am already bracing
Myself for the worst
That in society
Always seems to come
As each day

I grow more and more numb
From the insanity
We have become
Our own worst enemies
And our own biggest victims
As the fallen
We still don't see them
While more and more
Each day
Become the statistic
That is them
As society pretends to care
But only when it suits them
Because actually giving a damn
No we wouldn't dare
While we keep bitching
That nothing is fair
Will there ever be
Any sanity to speak of here



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