Brainwashed Asses

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Brainwashed masses

Pathetic and classless

Speaking out their asses

Hoping no one will notice

Their true motives 

Evil and destructive

They wait in so called silence

To strike with more violence

They can pin on someone else

For their political benefit

Never caring 

About anyone

But them

But they know it can't last

Welcome to your 

Judgement day

Welcome to where

Your victims

Finally have

The last say


Judgement day

That day you thought

Was oh so far away

Came sooner 

Than we all thought

Now as we all fall

We scream

Oh God

Where did we go wrong

Verse 2

We want to know
Where it all
Went wrong
But never want to admit
We might be to blame
For any of it
Yet Hate 
Is the reality

In which

We choose to live

More often
Than not
Nothing of it

Think again son
Welcome to the end
Yes well done


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