Societal Madness

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Society judging

People and things

About which

They know nothing

Thinking that

The louder they scream

The less their ignorance

Will matter or mean

Claiming to live

With eyes 

Wide open

And yet when it comes

To the truth of reality

The less and less

Any of us truly see

Until the world

Ends up living

So fucking blindly

It is nothing 

Short of sickening

Well done society

Thanks for the insanity




Our children

Controlling everyone

Caring about nothing

But itself

Welcome to the hell

We brought 

On ourselves 

Verse 2

Our own undoing



On what seems like

On a daily basis

In a world

Too blind

And un caring

To even begin

To fucking face it


If I don't hear it

It never happened

See no evil

Hear no evil

Speak no evil

While monkey see

Monkey do

Is destroying

Me and you

A better world

We could live in

But we just won't 

Fight for it

Not me or you

What a shame

So now what do we do



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