Political Nightmares

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
How many more
Before we realize
That we are not God
How many more
Before it truly
Hits us
What we have lost
Through the madness
We claim we have
The right
To live
And will fight for it
No matter what
As a sacrifice
We have to give

Through life
One problem
To another
Never realizing
It’s our own fault
Oh if only
We would just wake up

Verse 2
From history
Never bothering
To learn from
And wondering why
Always it seems
We are repeating
The very worst of it
As time and time again
We are asked to
Sacrifice ourselves
Or our families
To keep us safe
From problems we started
As the idiots in charge
Instead of taking blame
They point their fingers
At video games
And music
Oh society
Will we ever
Truly get it


Verse 3
Selling our souls
For their benefit
And to pad their
Bank accounts
While most families
Go hungry
When it comes
To what they need
Thanks to the government
They are forced to
Go without
Tell me society
Do you even want
Peace or sanity
To be found


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