The White Rabbit And The Rabbit Hole

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Follow the
White rabbit
He will show you
The way
To a place
Where insanity
Is more common
Than being sane
Or so they say
It depends on your
Point of view
Of course
I suppose
Up is down
Down is up
Short is tall
And big is small
Or is it
Go on tell me

What reality
Do you believe

Welcome to
The land of wonders
Hidden deep
In the ground
Far under
Come one
Come all
Let's all follow
The rabbit hole

Verse 2
Welcome to a place

Where nothing is
As it seems
To ever be
Or is it
I don't know
You tell me
Is your enemy
Really your ally
Or is your ally
Your true enemy
Come on now
Go on think
Open your eyes
Let yourself see
The truth
That around you
Is surrounding
Can you see it
Can you hear it
Do you understand
What to you
It is trying to teach
Or after all of this
Are you still
So defiant
That you would
Rather live blindly


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