Broken Home

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Lost and cold

Walking all alone

Through a world

That feels nothing

Like home
Walking the
That feel more
Like home to me
Than where I am going
The streets
That raised me
The people
Who actually
Bothered to care
When my so called family
Didn't bother to care
They cared
They were there
They are my family
Yet in the end
I somehow ended up
Just as lost as them

And alone
But never finding

A place called home
Reaching out to anybody
Anyone I can
At least call family

Verse 2
15 years old
Cold and alone
Never before
Been on my own
Yet also never
Before had
What you would
Call a family
Of my very own
Beaten and broken
Never really
Been truly whole
Ran away
For a safe place
Just to stay
But the universe
Has a funny way
Of screwing you over
And putting you back
In your place
So back to my
Home so broken
I once again do go
Wishing so badly
It felt even a little
Bit like home


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