Natures Fury And Our Stupidity

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

We treat the world

Like it's ours

To own

But wake up call folks

The world, everything in it,

Even each other

Are all nothing but

On loan

From a universe

Pissed off

At what we

Have become

We treat

Mother nature

And each other

Like shit

No wonder the world

And the weather

Always seems to fight back

With a vengeance


Mother nature

In all her fury

Is screaming

And yet we just

Aren't listening

So pathetic

How clueless can we be

Verse 2

The world

Is in such


That it just can't

Keep going on

This way much longer

As we keep on

More and more

Abusing her

Without a care


Nothing of anything

That we do

Convinced it

Will always be there

Dying right in 
Front of us
Is it already
Too late 
To save it
And what will we do
When our only home
Is no more


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