The Earth; Can You Hear It Crying

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

There is a song

In the air

If you are quiet

You can hear it

Crying it's sad song

As it begs

The society it sees

To cease

The hate

And greed

Killing everybody

While we point our fingers

At each other

Instead of ourselves

Never really

Truly caring

A single care

But when

There is nothing

Left for us


Tell me

Will you care then?


Wake up children

The earth it cries

As the Gods

Call us to take action

Put the world

Back together

While we still can

And save ourselves

And our fellow man


Verse 2
Listen, can you
Hear them
The cries of
The children
Of senseless wars
Killing them

And their families
They try to flee
To safety
But the U.S. apparently
No longer cares
Choosing to believe

Hate filled
Rhetoric instead
They aren't
Even human
Our president
Not even caring

He is sending
Innocent children
To their graves
They aren't American
So according to him

They don't matter anyway
Welcome to our reality
Anyone else want a refund?


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