Demon Cheetoh

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Heil the demon cheetoh

Who is supposed to be 

Thinking about 

What is best for 

You and me

But only cares about
Himself instead
Hmmm geee 
Who could have 
Called that one
Government shutdown
No end in sight
Claims it's for
Our own good
For our country's safety
But by pulling this
He is putting
Our very safety at risk
Well done dumb shit

Airport security
Running thin
Not getting paid
Because you have

To have it all
Your way
Grow up you
Big baby

Before we are all
Made to pay

Verse 2
A border wall
When most people 
Get in the country
Other ways
And disregarding
The endless tunnels
Under the border
That already
Make your wall

The most useless
In the history 
Of mankind
It's not like

We haven't told told you
It's not like 
You don't know
Yet all you 
Continue to do
Is whine, whine, whine
While our country 
Goes to hell
Gee I wonder why


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