YouTube Bullshit

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
YouTube bullshit 
In the news 
Once again 

Logan Paul
Claiming he will
Go gay for a month
Yeah like being gay
Actually works that way
And who 
Could forget 
The Onision debacle 
Oh what a day
Hey YouTube
Anything to say?

Under age girls
And Logan Paul
Offending everyone
As he does
Seriously YouTube
Anything to say?

Verse 2
YouTube is quiet
As everyone
And their brother
Does videos
About all of this
While YouTube
Makes bank 
On all of it
I'm not surprised
Hell no one is
But should we 
Really actually
Just let this be
Because it seems to me
This is the very bullshit
We should be fighting


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the record I do have a channel on YouTube and would love it if you subscribed. My channel is
So yes I love YouTube but I don't love how it is run. And that is why I write stuff like this abiut YouTube.

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