Angels In A World Of Demons

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Everyday the dreamer wakes
Fearing what 
Will be the 
Of the day
That will
To the core shake
The world 

They live to save
Some way
Even though
Come what may
Insanity and hate
Are all they ever see

Try as they may
The everyday angels
Just can't seem 
To keep 
Demons at bay
How did the 
World get this way

Verse 2
Hate and anger
Ruling society
While good deeds
Go un noticed
And are pushed aside
Like they are nothing
While greed 
Is treated 
Like it is not just 
But it is the only thing
That matters in a society
That has destroyed
Its own humanity
As the everyday heroes
Societies angels 

Can just sit back and weep
At the hell they see


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