Hypnotized But You Just Don't Realize

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Hypnotized masses
Controlling a society
Too blind to see
The truth 
Staring them 
Directly in the eyes
Choosing insanity
Over for
Themselves thinking

No wonder no one
Seems to see
Anything clearly
Come on society

I mean fucking really

The world 
Is a mess
It's our own fault

And we know it

And yet we would

Rather deny it
Than even
Attempt to fix it
Tell me society
When did this 
Become our 
Proud reality

verse 2
Welcome folks
To the hell
We would rather
Fucking live in
Than take responsibility
For the fuck ups
We commit
Following orders
That should 
Never have been given
We become scapecoats
For those who could not
Care less
About any of us
Welcome To Reality



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