Lost Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Filled history
Repeating itself
Right in front of me
A dictator
In power
Causing more insanity
Around the country
By the hour
Instilling more and more
Hatred in his
Followers daily
For people 
We should really
Instead be helping

And accepting
Not fighting
Or trying to 
Send away un caring
Please God
Help our lost society

Losing ourselves daily
In the insanity

Giving in to the
We have become
A lost society

Verse 2
People fleeing
Their countries violence
Coming here 
Just for even a chance
At a better life
Away from the pain and strife
The only existence

They have ever known
Only to be met with 
Tear gas and cries
Of you are not 
Welcome here
Thanks to a leader
That feeds off of
And rules with fear
Who is more dangerous
Than any of us
Even want to know
Giving into 
His madness
We add to their 
Pain and sadness
Without even 
A second thought
Yes society
We are truly lost


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