Change Before There Is Nothing Left

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Be the change
That needs 
To be seen
Not just 
The change
You want to see

Fuck hatred
And misplaced anger
Death to greed
And the thought 
Of normalcy
Fuck conformity
Long live individuality
Fight for freedom
Live your dreams
Find your voice

And use it
To give a voice
To others
Be the hero 
You think you need
And for a better world
Never stop fighting

The world 
Is a mess

It needs our help
So suck it up
Step up
And for once society
Please do the right thing
Before our insanity
Leaves us 
With nothing

Verse 2
Finger pointing

No responsibility

Being taken
The whole world
Taking itself
For granted
Never caring 
About anything
But social media
And selfies
Me, me, me
It's all just 
So insane

But it doesn't
Have to be
We could change it
If we really wanted
We could turn this madness
Into progress
We could change everything
But first must
Change ourselves


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