Our Nightmare Reality

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Wildfires out west
Nor easter in the east
Mother earth is angry
And coming for you
As you peacefully sleep
Only to wake up
To another tragedy
Well done society
On your 
Fucked up legacy
The end nearing
Because this insanity
Is more than just fantasy
Welcome folks
To our sick reality

Mankind thinks
It's king
And invincible

Oh my poor, poor children
If only you knew
If only you
Could see the truth
Staring right at you
Coming for you, me
And everybody
Welcome to the nightmare
We are all living

Verse 2
Yes welcome
To the nightmare
Surrounding us everywhere
We live in denial
About it even
Being there
Convincing ourselves
That everything is fine
And its all someone elses problem
Has become 
Daily practice
As well as our excuse 
To do nothing
But sit back
And bitch about everything
While doing nothing
And yet somehow 
We still wonder
How this hell
We live happened



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