Why Are We Like This

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A country in ruins
What the hell
Are we doing
Hating, fighting
Power, greed
Never even bothering
To care about 
Others in need
What the hell
Happened to liberty
What the hell happened
To the land of the free

Fighting for power
We don't need
So many selfies
Me, me, me
Oh if only
We cared that much
About the world
And each other
Instead of constantly
Destroying each other

Verse 2
Society has
Lost it's way
And gets 
More and more 
Lost every
Fucking day
Always in the way
Of doing the right thing
While all we think
About that
Is grow up
Man up
Get over it
Yeah like it's
That easy
By the way assholes
You have no right
To say that to me
Or anybody
But since you do
I have one thing
To say to you
You first


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