Hatred, Madness,Violence

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Hatred leads to madness
Madness leads to violence
It's all so mindless

And fucking pointless

I'm sick of it
Tired and so 
Done with it

Want nothing 

To do with it

Yet I can't escape it

I'm surrounded by
And drowning in it

We need to stop this shit
But we won't
Because society
Lives for 
And thrives on it
While wondering why
We can't seem
To stop
Falling victim to it

Wake up society
Reality calling
Always a never ending mess 
We need to 
Step up
And grow up
Finally fix this shit
Before there is nothing
Left to fix
And all we are 
Left with is regret

Verse 2
Always the same
Playing a game
We never agreed to play
While society 
Every little thing
That we say
And throws it all
Right back 
In our face

And for their mistakes
Make us pay
While through our misery
They keep getting paid

Paranoia and stupidity
The goal of the day

When it comes to those in charge
We know who they are
Hell we put them there
And yet somehow 
From that 

We never learn
Well done



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