Depression Truths

Society tells us
They want to know
What we are going through

They want us to talk about it

So that we don't fall
Victim to it

And don't understand 
Why we keep our pain
To ourselves
Truth is
We are afraid
Of ourselves
And of you
And yes 
It's your fault
Fighting ourselves

Day and night

While fighting to pretend
For your sake 
That we are alright
It's maddening 
And exhausting
But much less scary
Than the idea of talking
See you say you want to know
You want us to talk
To let you in
But when we do
It often becomes too
Much for you
And you can't handle it

And beg to no longer

Hear about it
And even if you can
Handle hearing about
Our daily madness

The fact that it's daily
Gets to be too much
Then you accuse us
Of playing it up
Trying to get sympathy
And attention
When all we really want
Is someone to hold our hand

And say they understand
Then there are those of you
Who just tell us
To suck it up
And grow up
Oh if only it were 
That easy
We try to explain that
You want nothing to
Do with it
And blame us 
For our problems 
In the first place
And all of these things
Just make it worse
Much more so
Than keeping it
Locked inside ourselves
As we drown in ours
And your hell
So just incase 
You were wondering
Why it is hard for us
To talk and let you in
This is why
Because when we do
We just can't win

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