Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Running in circles
Around in my head
Drowning in thoughts
That make me feel dead
Look in the mirror

Hoping it's me that I see
I cry as instead
It's the demon staring
Back at me
And I scream as 
To me it does say
The monster 

Must be fed
You know it's the only way

Voices around me
Screaming at me
A way out 
Is not something I see
The monster inside 
Tears at me

That it's madness

I once again feed

Verse 2
Madness killing me

From the inside 
Grounding my soul
Once again
As it tries to 
Take flight 
And fly away
Fuck this shit
I'm done
I say for the
Millionth time
The monster just laughs
As it knows it has 

Already won


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