Dreamers In The Shadows

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
In the darkness 
They whisper
To anyone listening
While in the shadows
They are living

From a world
They live 
To fight for
But doesn't 
And refuses 
To lend
A helping hand
To those who for them
And a better world
Do fight and stand
Tell me society
Those of you
Who refuse to see
What are you
Going to do
When you realize
They are the only ones
Who about you
Even remotely care

Dream on dreamers
Freedom fighters
Wrong righters
Peace bringers
The rebels of the world

That keep society going
Even if society 
Doesn't know it
We owe you everything
Please never stop fighting

Verse 2
In a world unfair
No one seems to care
A free for all
Just to get
To the so called top
Even though

No one actually
Seems to truly get there
For the top
Is a cruel lie
That society
Always loves to buy
While bitching about

How the world
Is just never right
As it loves 
To dump on
All those who are

Taking a stand
To try and make 
The world 
A better place
Wake up folks
And some over due thanks
Finally show
For they are the only ones
Who are actually 
Trying to help you


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