The Shadows Are Coming

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
And still waiting
To recover
I sit and hover
What is real
And what is not
Reality blends
As sanity 
The universe
Once again
Not to send
What did I do
To deserve this

The doctors think
I'm crazy 
But I think, their lazy
They just don't
Want to believe me
If they could see
Through my eyes though
They wouldn't 
Question me
Why won't they 
Listen to me

Verse 2
The monsters hide
In the shadows 
That surround me
Always staring
Chanting something
Something about me
The doctors claim
It's just my imagination
Getting the best of me
But I know better

They are out to get me
Nurses now
Are disappearing
For reasons 
No one will tell me
See I told you 
I wasn't lying
Too bad in their panic
They forgot about me

Locked up
And alone
Here comes the shadows
Goodbye world so cruel


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really need to stop watching creepy pasta videos LOL

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