Different Yet Still Human

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
As different 
As we are the same
Yet we play
Like normal 
Is really a thing
And who ever doesn't fit
An individuals definition
Is weird and unworthy
Inhuman even
But how can this be

You bleed

I bleed
We have the same 
Basic needs
If I am human

You are too
So how can one of us

Be human 
And the other not
And why does anyone

Get to make 
Such an insane decision

In the first place
Seriously how
Did we get this way

I am me 
You are you 
We are we
And we are one 
Yet still human
We could learn a lot 
From each other
If only we treated
Each other better

Verse 2
Running a country
Founded by immigrants
Looking at immigrants today
And their response 
Nothing short of insane
Go away 
We don't want any
You are not human
Not in our opinion
And our opinion
Is all that matters
So come at 
Your own risk
We don't care 
About your circumstances
You probably deserve it
The biggest threat 
To our country
May be who is already here

But you are enemy number one

In my book
So go away
Don't bother me
I don't care anyway
Now watch me make 
This look good


Verse 3
Welcome my fellow Americans
To the current state 
Of our dear country
We think we are the best
And yet we treat others
Like this
What are we the best at?
Being bigots
Spreading hate 
Through lies
Fed to us 
By the idiots
And evil ones
We put in charge

Are you still proud
About that
Are they really who
Should be defining

Who as a country
We are
Looking down
At non Americans
Like they are a disease
Ignoring how we even
Became a country
How did this happen
And why are we 
Letting it be


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Different Yet Still Human

I am all in on helping others in their countries to become like us in their countries.   ---   Stephen