Proudly Awake

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
And proud of it

I may not 
Always like
What in the world
I am seeing

But at least I see it 
Instead of living
Blindly in denial
Of the truth
Right in front of me
Like far too many

In this fucked up
And proud of it society
That seems to me
To be too pre occupied
With power it doesn't need

And conformity
That isn't good
For anybody
But has been
Allowed to be
Thanks to hate filled 
Blind sheep
Who listen to the greedy
But never for"
Themselves think
Hate and money
Leading to pain
And greed
That fuel the insanity
The world has
Come to be
Means nothing to be
Fuck that nonesense
And the violence
That comes with it
Love and peace
Is all I will ever need

Verse 2
And blindness
Leading to hate
And madness
Over shadowing
Love and kindness
Leaving the world 
In a rut 
It can't seem
To find its way out of
A rut that has made
Society its favorite victim
Again and again
In the form 
Of greed 
Fueling those 
Who feel nothing
And take from everyone
Wake up folks
We can't let this be
We must fight back
But not with more hate 
Or senseless violence

But by being the change

And showing the love
The world so sorely needs


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