The Gift That Is Life

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A journey
With a destination
Not foreseen
You can plan
And you can work
Your ass off
For what you want

But if life has
Other plans
Your fucked
So man up
Go with it
And learn from it

For life itself
Is the greatest 
Learning experience there is
Just remember that 
The next time 
You take it all
For granted 
And think the world
To you should
Just be handed

A gift 
We take for granted
And think nothing of it
Until something happens
And we lose all of it
So wise up
Yes be smart 
And be grateful 
For everyday
Before life decides 
To take it away

verse 2
Yes life is a journey
And the only part
We truly know
Is where it begins
And where it is now
But tomorrow
Who knows
So enjoy 
And learn from it
Before you blow it
And end up
With a world of regret
That try as you may
You just can't fix
Life is a gift indeed
But it seems
Is not always forgiving
You mess up
It can take you down
Faster than you can blink
So live everyday
To the very fullest 
For if you don't
You never know  
When life will more than
Make you regret it


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