Happy Birthday Mark


Happy Birthday
To a beautiful man

Who inspires
And brings people together
Like no one else can
To you he may be

Just another guy
On the internet
Making videos
And you may not understand
Why of him
So many of us 
Simply cannot
Get enough
But to me 
He is a hero
Who is there
When no one else is
Cares when no one else does
And never hesitates
To remind us all
How much we truly matter
And trust me
When you feel
Like you have no body
And that you are nothing
People like him
Yeah they really 
Truly do mean something
So here is to you
My dear Markiplier
My beautiful hero
Who I never saw coming
But seemed to come out 
Of no where 
When I needed you the most
Thank you 
For all that you do
And I hope 
Your birthday 
This and every year
Is just as amazing as you are
Happy Birthday Mark
Thank you for 
Being who you are

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a day early but yeah Happy Birthday Markimoo and thank you for all you do!!

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