A Light In The Darkness


Verse 1
Dear beautiful man
On the other side 
Of the screen
You don't know me
But oh how 
You have helped me
You pick me up

When I am down
Turn my tears 
Into laughter 
And my frown
Upside down
Your happiness
Is beyond contagious
And you fill me 
With so much positivity
It's outrageous 
Thank you dear Markiplier

For reminding me 

That I matter
A light in the darkness
Is what you have 
Become to me
Honestly I can't 
Thank you enough

For helping me

And making me see
I mean something
Yes I am worth it too
I see that now
Thanks to you
Verse 2
Hilarious antics
Rage games that

Make you flustered
And frantic
Sketches and stories
Written and done

Oh so perfectly 
And so much 
More brilliance
I just can't
Get enough 
Of any of it
You may be 
Only human
But to me
You are perfect
And nothing less than
So beautiful man
On the other side 
Of the screen
No you may not know me
But I really must say one thing
Thank you for always
Being there for me

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