Hypnotized Masses

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Hypnotized masses
Making all of our decisions
And wondering why

Shit always seems

To end up wrong
The power of 
Stupid people
In large groups
Welcome to the society
That has sold it's humanity
To give in to the 
Sold to us 
Wrapped in lies
And promises
To make things better


Always promising

To make things better
Based on promises
That hurt others
What have we done
My God!
What have we become!

Verse 2
A slippery slope
Of ignorance
And violence
The news night
After horrific night
The nightmare
That we are living
Has become
Common place
And we only have
Ourselves to blame
By lies 
Fed to us
Through things 
So tragic
Wake the fuck up!! 
Please see beyond
Before there is nothing
Left to still fight for


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