Just Stay Quiet

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Everything is fine
Shhhh don't fight it
Just go with it
Those in charge
We got this

Just trust us
And it will all
Be just fine
Stop asking questions
We told you 
We got this
You will ruin everything
Just stay quiet
We don't ask for much
Just stay silent
We take children
From their parents
Feed you fear
To keep you silent
To keep you with us
The more lies 
You believe
The better it is
For us all
Trust me
Just trust me
Yes always trust me
Verse 2
Stop asking questions
Believe me
They will lead you
Follow and believe
What I say

And nothing
And I mean
Nothing else
Or there will 
Be hell
You hear me 
Now just give 
Me your hand
And let me have
Your soul



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