Puppets In A Me Me Me Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
On the string 
Of humanity 
Controlled by 
A corrupted society
Blinded by conformity
In a world 
Full of nothing
But me me me
As far as 
The eye can seee
Gee I wonder 
How the hell 
Evil keeps winning

Fucked up society
With our heads
Stuck in the 
Synthetic clouds
Welcome to our own hell
In which we are
Letting ourselves drown

Verse 2
Another day
Another excuse
To be evil
And judgmental
Towards our fellow man
We no longer 

See as human
Living so paranoid
We've lost
Ourselves within

A world full of
So much crazy
And too little sanity
Wake up society 
Before our world

This nightmare
Succeeds in destroying



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