Life: Live And Learn

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Live to learn
Learn to live
And in the end
An inch don't give.
Live for the peace
You want your life to mean
And be sure to soak in
Everything in between
Take nothing
For granted 

Appreciate all you have
And never forget 
To live and lose 
Yourself in the moment
While you have it
Because you will
Miss it when its gone
Trust me, everyone does

Had it all
Then in an instant 
Lost it all
Did you enjoy it
Did you appreciate it
Or did you take it
For granted 
And are now left 
Wishing you hadn't

Verse 2
Live life 
To the fullest
Learn from it
Infact never stop learning
Growing and teaching
For life brings something new
For you to learn and teach
Everyday you just have to 
Know how to look for it
And once you find it
Never stop learning from it
Or spreading it like wild fire
For it the magick 
That makes all life
Possible and worth it
So open your eyes to it
And embrace the fuck 
Out of it
And remember 
Never take it
For granted 


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