Better Starts With You

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Veterans living
On the street
Children crying
Because there
Is never enough to eat
While sick and dying people
Are being denied
The care they need
To save their lives
Being run by
Wall street
And big business
Who see us all
As dollar signs and
Not people
Welcome everybody
To the land of the free
Society is only as great
As our generosity
And kindness
If all  those
Who have plenty do
Is look down on
And mistreat
Those in need
Then what does that
Say about us

Verse 2
Stand up 
And be heard
Even if you are alone
At least you are
One that cares
To be the one
Who is there
In a world 
That is so fucked up
It's  blind to its own 
Never ending rut
Which is exactly 
What we need
No more silence
Or fucking compliance
Stand up
Speak up
Fight back
And show the world
That we truly are
Better than this nonsense

Fighting and dividing
In a supposed united
And free country
Has brought us 
Nothing but
Pain and insanity
Wake up society
And do something 
Before you wake up
To yet another 
Fucking tragedy


Verse 3
Everyday spent
Fighting and hating
On each other
For reasons
We don't even bother
To bloody remember
Instead of 
Helping each other
And working together
To make things better
While we just sit
On the couch
And bitch about 
What is going on now
Wake up
Get a clue
A better world
Starts with you




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