C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS (We Have Been Waiting)

Two decades 
Fans have been 
Waiting for this day
The day when 
The round two 
Play off curse
Would be broken
And we could
Finally show
The world what
We can really do
Caps fans 
Worst nightmare
Pens in round two
Here we go again
Will this nightmare
Ever end
Oh great 
Over time
I think I'm 
Going to lose my mind
But wait 
What's this 
A break away
No way 
Is this really happening
Shot taken
Two cities shaken
Demons defeated
Curse broken
A fan base 
Re awoken
Hello round three
You are looking

Pretty fucking amazing
Not done yet though
Got more games to go
And more talent to show
So great job Caps
Keep the amazing coming
And let's show the world
What it truly means
To play Caps hockey

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Who knew??

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