Long Live My Fellow Weird

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Long live the weird
The ones who live

To stand out
In a conformist crowd
The ones not afraid
To speak up

Scream out loud
Shake things up
And turn shit
Upside down
The rebels
And so called
Trouble makers

Doing the world 
A service 
As they make 
All the normals nervous

The free thinkers
And difference makers
Proving to the world
Over and over 
That normal
Is overrated 
And that weird

Is the very furture
We have all
Been hoping for

Verse 2
Long live my
Brothers and sisters
Who never hesitate
To embrace
What makes them

Brilliant and unique
The ones who wear 
The label of 
Being a freak
Like a badge of honor
Owning what makes them
Amazing better
Than any other
Has no time 
For the myth 
Of the illusion
Of so called normal
And will never back down
From the freedom they've found


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