Society's Epidemic

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
There is an epidemic
Plaguing society 
Making the world

So toxic
We can hardly stand it
A plague bringing wars 
Without reasons for
Who knows what 
One day to the next 
Does have in store
Hatred and violence 
Are poisoning society
Destroying humanity
And we can't even
Agree on that 
Or what to do about it

Hatred from ignorance
Turning mankind
Against itself
Living in denial
Of the man made hell
We have created out 

Of the world
We have destroyed
While killing each other
Will this epidemic
For us all
Spell the end
Verse 2
Greed making the rich
Get richer 
As they laugh as the 
Poor get poorer
The upper class
Looking down at 
The rest of us
Like we aren't 
Even human
Class wars 
Becoming worse than ever
Yes sadly even in
This day and age
Racism and hatred
Toward those less well off
Is at an all time high
Black men being arrested 
Just for sitting at starbucks
With no real reason why
And yet still
We fight each other
Instead of working together
To make any of it better
No wonder it's all just
Getting worse
Verse 3
When will 
Enough be 
Enough already
Children taking 

To the streets 
To protest 
Not being safe
In their own schools
While those who
To them need to listen
Fight back by 
Not even slightly 
Taking them seriously
Automatic weapons
And the freedom to have them
Apparently being more important
Than saving the livses of children
Guns don't kill people 
People kill people
And fuck it 
My rights trump your life
So get over it snow flake
We act this way
And yet still we wonder
Why things keep
Getting worse by the day
Oh society
How oh how 
Did we get this insane



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