Individual Not Sheep

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Find your voice
The one that
Is hidden inside 
Screaming to be heard 
Let go of your pain
It doesn't need
To be there
Spread your wings
Open your mind 
Unblind your eyes
And let your soul take flight
Free yourself inside
And embrace the you
Hidden deep within you

That you find
Embrace it
Own it
Live it
Love it
And never forget 
You are always worth it

In a world 
Often far too
It has to even
Be told what to feel
Never be afraid
To be real
For tragic is the sheep
And triumph will

Always be 
The individual

Verse 2
The world is full
Of awful people
Who will try to tell you
That who your are is wrong
Because as it is always 
The same old song
They live for nothing
More than to control
And tame the individual
Turn the free 
Into blind sheep
Puppets on strings
They can pull at will
Pay them no mind

No do not listen

For you have your
Own life to live 
So live it up
And rise above their madness
You are better than that
And to yourself
Please never forget
To prove it


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