Ethan Nestor (Beautiful Blue Boy)

Verse 1
Ethan Nestor
Our beautiful blue boy

Proud leader
Of the cranky crew
No one can 
Make us smile
Quite like you
Funny and adorable
Fun as hell to watch
Let's face it
To you and channel
I am hopelessly addicted
And for that I am not

The least bit sorry

So much 
Positive energy 

It's contagious as hell
You have got us all
Under your spell
We love you more
Than you we could 
Ever begin to tell
Thank you for all you do
Our lives our all better 
Because we have you

Verse 2
Most adorable person

On the whole internet
There isn't a nicer 
Person than you 
On all of youtube
Can make us all melt
With just one smile
And that beautiful laugh
Makes everything
Seem more than
Worth our while
Thank you for making 
Us all feel special
And for just being

So all around wonderful
We love you!!



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