Madness Planet

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
This planet
Full of madness
To me is making
No sense 
Pointing fingers
Placing blame
But never once
Looking in the mirror
So that the truth
We can for once 
Finally see
Are you fucking
Kidding me
And darkness
The themes 
Of everyday
So manic
And tragic
When will we get it
On ourselves
We keep bringing it
And only we are the ones

That can change it
Wake up now 
Parties over
Time to get to work
Verse 2
Never not the 
Word of the day
In a world so fake
No one even knows
Who they are anyway
Forever lost 
In this maze
Of a race 
We only think 

We're winning
But tell me folks
Who exactly 
Do we think 
We are kidding

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