Time To Take Our World Back

Song Lyrics

Verse 1


I hope to wake

And see

A world of which

I have always

Been dreaming

No more wars

Gun violence


And fucked up

Never ending tragedy

No more families

Or veterans

Living on our streets

Or children crying

And dying from

Being hungry

Just imagine it folks

How beautiful

That world would be
If only we would just
Stand up
To the powers that be
And demand the better world
Of which we do dream


Dreams that need

To take flight

And become reality
Hindered only
By the insanity
We allow to
Dictate reality

It's time we took a stand
And took our lives back
And finally made them better

Verse 2
Sick of the madness
We follow
So blindly
It's pathetic
Wake up children
And get a clue
It's all
Just fun and games
Until one day
It's you

They are after
And what my children
Will you do then
Owning you

From the inside out
Daring you to
Stand up and shout
Knowing full well
They have you too scared
To do a damn thing
But submit to being sheep
They control like puppets
Fuck that fear
Stand up
And make one thing clear

You have had enough
And will take this bullshit
Not a second longer


verse 3
Rebels and dreamers
Who are with me
Stand the fuck up
And teach the world
A new tune to sing
Because I don't
Know about you

But I am just
So sick and tired
Of the same old song
Leading time and time again
Straight to what has
Always been wrong
We fight and fight
Thinking always

That we are the ones
Who are right
And yet instead
Of things getting done
It all just gets worse
As we wait

For the next verse
To kick in
When it comes to
This world of sin
Enlightened ones
Unite, stand up
And fight
Against this madness
Controlling us
Day to day
Before it becomes
Too late
And destruction
Lies in societies wake


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