Are You Kidding Me Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

The world stands still

As I was you all

Keep on fighting

And destroying

While preaching

Lie after lie

Time after time

On a hill

Slippery with the blood

Of the people you kill

As we all wonder

When you will finally

Have had your fill

As numbly 
Once again we just
Shrug it off 
And pop yet another pill


Political elite
Lying daily
To you and me
Falling for it
Like we know
We shouldn't
While still wondering
How the madness
Is still winning
Society are you
Fucking kidding me

Verse 2
Lying to ourselves
On the daily 
Willfully living 
So blindly
As compliant sheep
That have lost
All sense of dignity
Excusing those
On the hill 
Who con us
For money 
For wars 
To slaughter people 
For power 
And more money
Will we ever 
Put an end 

To this insanity
Or will it be 

The end of you and me


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