The Truth Of Who Is In Control

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

The world

In which

You live

Is a lie

The reality

You believe in

Is nothing more

Than an illusion

Shoved down

Our throats

By a corrupted media
And an insane government
That literally owns ya

Everywhere you look

Nothing but fear

Give up hope
They are in control

Buy this

Buy that

Then maybe

You will be ok

As they laugh at you

Going crazy

While they happily

Sit and count their money



Stop thinking 
For yourself 
Listen to us
We know what's best
We own you 
And you know it too
So shut up, don't fight back
And just hand over the cash

Verse 2
They are coming now
For your guns
You better listen 
To us son
Buy in bulk
Yes stock up
We swear their coming for you
You don't think
We would lie to you do you
The terrorists are everywhere
All over your neighborhoods
And on every street corner
Hey it's not paranoia
If they really are 
Coming for ya
Good thing we are 
To take control 
Of you know the situation
Yes we are the reason
You are safe in 
Your own homes
Yes we are in control
Buy the way have 
You seen these products
Just give us all your money
And their yours to own

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