The World Is Sick

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The world is sick

Hate and greed
Are the symptoms
And we are the disease
Plaguing society 
Killing the planet 
With wars 
And non stop insanity
Hindered by our
Own ignorance 
Crippled by fear 
We live in so much hate
And violence
There seems to be
Just no end to 
Any of it
And instead of fix it
We just fight over it
No wonder 
This shit 
Is killing us

Chaos surrounds 
We are going down
Brought this on 
Is this the end
Or will the universe
Just one more chance
To us send

Verse 2
I turn on the tv
And am greeted

By yet another
Devestating tragedy
Another bombing
Another shooting 
Terrorist attacks
Happening everywhere
Innocent people
Attacked by 
The government
Of their own country
It sickens me

And haunts me
As it eats away 
At me 
Driving me crazy
From the inside out
We have fallen so far
Does anyone even remember
How the hell we got here


Verse 3
Surrounded by
A world of 
Never ending
I swear this insanity
Is going to be
The death of me
Too blind to see
Too numb to care
We are so 
It's almost like
We aren't even there
Children dying 
People suffering
As on deaf ears 
Their screams 
Keep falling
Society divided 
Pointing fingers
Instead of 
Fixing any of it
We have become victims
Of our own madness 
And we don't even know it


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