Liberate Yourself And Own It

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Liberate yourself
Break free
From the shackles 
Of conformity
And for yourself
Learn to think
Stop listening 
To those people
Trying to tell you
Who you should be
They don't really 
Know you anyway
So why let their words
Carry so much weight
Find the individual 
Hinding within you 
Dying to be set free
And show the world 
How amazing 
You can be

Your life is yours
And yours alone
So dare dream 
A better dream to follow
Take a step
Out of the shadows
And become your own hero
Go ahead I promise

Yes it is allowed

Verse 2
Listen to 
Your own feelings
And let them guide you
To passion buried 
Deep inside you
Let your passions 
Be your guide 
To a world 

You've never known
The life that is meant 
To be lived by you
And is yours alone
No one can tell you
Your doing it wrong
So go ahead 
And you do you
You've earned it
So live it up
Go on enjoy it
And don't forget
To own the fuck
Out of it


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