I Am Me

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I am not 
Who or what 
You say I am
I am not just a label
You think 
You can stick on me
To define me
Without getting to know me
I am much more
Than what your 
Blind eyes
Think they see
And good luck
Understanding me
For I am not one 
That is meant 
To be understood
I am an individual
Not one of the crowd
Yes I am the one
Not afraid to stand up
And shout the truth out loud
And no I will not back down

I am me
Yes I am free
Because that is what
I choose to be
I answer to nobody
No you will not control me
So look out 
Because I'm coming 
And you can't stop me

Verse 2
Not one 
To care about 
Fitting in
With a world 
That lives in 
So much insanity

It makes no 
Sense to me
And endless
You can try 
But you can't
Contain this 
My spirit 
Will fly 
To new heights 
And there is nothing
You can do about it
Why would you 
Even try anyway
Don't you have
Better things to do today
Like oh I don't know
Living your life 
Your way


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