Puppets In A Play

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The times may be
Always changing
But sadly it seems
The more things change
The more things 
Stay the same
Same old shit
Different day
Instead of life
Being lived
It's just played 
Like a game
That no one 
Ever truly wins
Please someone tell me
How the hell did we
Let this happen

How did life
Get this way
All of society
Just puppets in a play
That gets more 
And more insane
By the day 
Please just tell me
It will all be ok

Verse 2
Hatered and greed
The names of the game
Controlling society
Breaking us more 
And more every day
Making us all pay
Forcing us 
To keep playing 
The game 
That not even
Those at the top
Are truly winning
As they too
Are nothing more
Than puppets on a string
Controlled by other
Puppets with others pulling 
Their strings
The sheer insanity

Is maddening 
Can anyone even saying

They are actually living
Or are we all just 
Merely barely existing


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