The Shadows Of The Misfits

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Welcome to the shadows
Where the misfits live
The weirdos 
Who according 
To society 
Just don't fit in
The unconventionally
Who's unseen
Comes from lives
Living with eyes

Open wide 
Instead of blind
The rebels told 

To be ashamed 
Of who they are inside
Yes welcome to the shadows
Where the future does hide

Welcome to the shadows
Where the dreamers live
And hide from a world

That refuses to forgive
And looks down on anyone 
Remotely different
If only they knew 
My fellow weirdos
All the good
You could do

Verse 2
Yes welcome to the shadows
Created by a world so hollow
As a place where 
The so called trouble makers
The undesirable ones 
Can hide and wallow
As into the worlds madness
They are swallowed 
For in this world
To be them
Is just not allowed
But if only
The blinded society
Would open their eyes
So that they can see
The magick 
In the misfits 
And the solutions 
They are here to give

Maybe, just maybe 
Society wouldn't be so quick
To brand them with labels
And beat them down with hatred


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