Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Only the brave
Understand the struggle

Yes only the brave
Know what it is like
To fight 
With your own mind
And emotions
Day after day
Only to take a daily stand
Against all it 
Rise above
And still keep going
For those of you

Who can but wish

They couldn't feel me
This one is for you

Stronger than you think

Better than 
What you give us
Credit for being
You can try to beat us down

But it won't work

For life is ours to own
And we got this

Verse 2
Those of us 

Who know we aren't normal

For reasons 
Out of our control
Our minds work differently
Often against us
You and me

For reasons we ourselves 
Have never fully understood
Because we can't figure out
Why us
Mental health problems
Draining us
On a daily basis
And yet not only
Do we keep holding on
We try to inspire
Others to hold onto
Yes we are unsung heroes
And for all my
Brothers and sisters out there
This one is all for you


Verse 3

Depression and anxiety

Plus a mind that doesn't

Work the way 

It is supposed to
Welcome to my world
If depression, anxiety, and or ADD/ADHD 
Is killing you too
Like this shit 
And remember 

You are never alone
The world may be
Over whelming
But remember 
At this point 
We out number them
Not the other way around
So stand up tall
Speak your mind
And remember 
We so got this




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